Get The Look

Curated by our editors, the looks showcase the current decor trends and highlights where to find the products so you can easily get the look

Image by Ferm Living

Outdoor Camping

Unwind for a lazy picnic surrounded by chic accessories

Image by H&M Home

Outdoor Dining

Gather round for an al fresco feast amongst dreamy decor

Image by Hay

Outdoor Lounging

Get comfy at the poolside with relaxed summer seating

Image by Agape

Outdoor Bathing

Unwind in nature between cool surfaces and warm textures

Bloom Collection

Our exclusive Bloom collection, in collaboration with eco conscious online retailer, Plain Tiger, is inspired by ‘Bloom’, our spring issue

Photography by Daron Chatz

Bold & Beautiful

Bright colours, varied textures and vibrant prints provide a more-is-more aesthetic for the living room

Photography by Greg Cox, Bureaux

Natural & Neutral

A sleek, modernist approach is perfected with muted tones, clean lines and smooth finished for a casual dining space

Photography by Greg Cox

Classic & Cool

Set the scene for irresistible romance in the bedroom with luxurious linens, floaty florals and soft-to-the-touch fabrics

Photography by Greg Cox, Bureaux

Pastel & Playful

Candy-coloured tones combined with decorative pieces create a light-hearted mood in the bathroom

Photography by Greg Cox, Bureaux


Get the lunar look in your living space with geometric shapes, metallic surfaces and galactic hues

Photography by Greg Cox, Bureaux


Earthy textures, terracotta tones and natural stone define the nomadic aesthetic

Photography Elsa Young, Frank Features


Raw finishes combined with a muted palette and subtle accents of aqua inform the rustic mood

Photography Greg Cox, Bureaux


Leafy prints, nature-inspired hues and organic shapes bring a soothing tropical feel to your space